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Time: 2½ hrs


Instruction: Choose from Option A-D the correct answer that suit the questions below

  1. Music notation is the writing down of music use signs and  ______ symbols(b) pictures  (c) numbers (d)  keys
  1. ____ is nota brass instrument. (A) Tuba(b) Trombone (c) Trumpet (d) Triangle
  1. The minim has ______ (a) 4 (b) 2 (c) 1  (d) ½
  1. A semiquaver has ____ flags Vocal music
  2. (a) 3(b) 1 (c) 2 (d) 4
  3. Only musical motes with flags can be beamed. true(b) false (c) no idea (d) not sure
  1. ______ has a shaded note head and a flag. minim(b) crotchet (c) quaver (d) semiquaver
  1. Music that is produced with the use of the human voice is called ______ Dance music (b) drama music (c) art music (d) vocal music
  2. Two minims makes one_____ semibreve(b) semiquaver (c) crotchet (d) minim
  1. Musical notes on the third line of a staff can either face up or down. True (b) false (c) true and false (d) none of the above
  1. In a melodic line, the musical notes below the third line faces ____ (a) down (b) forward (c) backward (d) up
  2. The following are musical notes that can be beamed except _____ a) quaver (b) semiquaver (c) semibreve (d) demi-semiquaver
  3. _____ is the equivalent to 4 quavers (a) crotchet (b) minim (c) semibreve  (d) semiquaver
  1. _____crotchets makes one semibreve (a) 2  (b) 4 (c) 8 (d) 16
  1. ____ involves the use of tonic solfa (a) staff notation  (b) solfa notation  (c) tonic notation  (d) notation
  1. Tuba is a _____instrument. (a) string (b) brass (c) percussion (d) woodwind
  1. Punctuation marks are used to indicate the length of sounds in _____ notation (a) solfa (b) stuff (c) sofa (d) staff
  1. _____note is the American name for minim. (a) half (b) quarter (c) one-eight (d) one sixteen
  2. Which of these is not an American name (a) quarter note (b) half note (c) quaver (d) one-eight note
  3. _____ is largest among the following musical notes. (a) semiquaver (b) minim (c) quaver (d) minim
  1. Sixteen quavers is equivalent to 2 _____ (a) quaver (b) minim (c) crotchet (d) semibreve
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SS2 Music Examination Past Questions- Second Term

  1. _____  is the highest voice type. (a) contralto (b) bass (c) soprano  (d) alto
  1. ____ has a stem and a shaded note head. (a) minim (b) crotchet (c) quaver (d) semiquaver
  1. The violin is played with a ____ a) bow (b) resin (c) pick  (d)stick
  2. _____ is the same as whole note. (a) quaver (b) crotchet (c) minim  (d) semibreve
  1. A whole note has _____ number of counts. (a) 4(b) 2(c) 1  (d) ½
  2. A musical note faces  ____ when it is above the third line. (a) down (b) up (c) left (d) right
  1. _____ has the highest pitch among the string family (a) double bass (b) cello (c) viola  (d) violin
  1. The flag of a musical note is also known as a ____
  2. a) mast(b) tail(c) head (d) flat
  3. ______
  4. a) oboe (b) piccolo (c) flute  (d) clarinet
  5.  ____is the punctuation mark for 1 count. (a) :- (b) : (c) .  (d) ,
  6. The English name for half note is ____

(a) minim (b) crotchet (c) quaver (d) minin


  1. ____ is not a woodwind instrument.(a) saxophone (b) piccolo (c) harp (d) clarinet
  1. _____ has equivalent to 3 counts. (a) : (b) :- (c) . (d) :-:
  1. A shaded note head, stem and 3 flag makes up a _____ a) semiquaver (b) quaver (c) demi-semiquaver  (d) crotchet
  2. A whole note has _____ number of counts. (a) 6 (b) 8 (c) 2  (d) 4
  1. Musical instruments are classified into ___ groups. (a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 5
  2. The semibreve symbol is a ____ shaped note head

(a) oval  (b) rectangular (c) circle  (d) triangular

  1. The counter Tenor is between tenor and ____ voice type”
  2. a) tenor (b) contralto (c) alto  (d) baritone
  3. The number of flags of note to be beamed is equivalent to the number of beams (a) true (b) false (c) no idea (d) no answer
  1. Types of notation includes solfa notation and _____ notation . (a) staf (b) starve (c) staff (d) stuff
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  1. Write the solfa notation of the Nigerian National Anthem indicating durations appropriately (10marks)
  2. (a) indicate the punctuation marks equivalent to the following counts
  3. 2 counts
  4. 1 count

III. 4 counts

  1. ½ count
  2. ¼ count.  (marks)

(b) Write the English name for each of the note counts in (a)     (marks)

  1. (a) Explain the physical relationship between musical notes with the aid of diagrams.(5 marks)

(b) with notation examples, explain the rules of positioning musical notes stems on the staff. (5 marks)

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