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 SS2 Second Term English Language Examination 

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 SS2 Second Term English Language Examination 


CLASS: SS2                 






From the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the words that best complete the passage below.

  1. Who is responsible for writing news articles and features for a newspaper? newsman B. journalist C. reporter D. write
  2. Which role involves overseeing the content and layout of a newspaper? editor B. correspondent C. publisher D. printer
  3. Who sets the type and arranges the layout of text in a newspaper? type-setter B. contributor C. artist D. cartoonist
  4. Who evaluates and critiques books, movies, or other forms of media? reviewer B. critic C. cameraman D. news agent
  5. What section of a newspaper typically contains opinion pieces and letters from readers? front page B. editorial C. sorts paper D. advertisement
  6. Which part of a newspaper often features breaking news and major headlines? back page B. headline C. Centre spread D. newsletter
  7. What term describes a short description accompanying an image in a newspaper? article B. cartoon C. caption D. title
  8. What is the title of the main news story on the front page of a newspaper? sub-title B. news commentaries C. crossword puzzle D. headline
  9. Who creates humorous or satirical illustrations for a newspaper? artist B. critic C. reporter D. newsman
  10. Which section of a newspaper contains advertisements for products and services? front page B. back page C. classified advertisement D. editorial

 SS2 Second Term English Language Examination 



Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it.

We believed that the teacher would not be home that weekend. My father had strictly warned us not to go out at night since recent happenings had shown that it was unsafe. However, the thought of those mouth-watering fruits in the teacher’s compound made us spend many sleepless nights. We decided that fateful night to sneak out and get some delicious mangoes to feast on.

Towards midnight, my two cousins and I crept stealthily out of the house. The fresh air invigorated us. The moon shone with unusual brightness and that enabled us to see our way clearly and the ripe mangoes as well. We soon reached the teacher’s house, a stone’s throw from ours. We climbed over the wall, as nimbly as monkeys. Since I was skilled in climbing, my cousins asked me to go up the tree which was laden with ripe mangoes. In no time. I reached the branch which appeared to be most heavy with fruits. I shook it and many juicy mangoes fell to the ground. My cousins gathered them into their bags and we blessed our stars for this windfall.

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Suddenly, the powerful headlights of an approaching car warned us of impending danger. To our amazement. it was the teacher and he had already spotted us. In my haste to get down, I lost my balance and fell heavily, injuring my arm. My cousins ran like the wind and escaped, leaving me to my fate. I attempted to run away but could not. I lay on the ground groaning in pain.

The teacher raised an instant alarm and the neighbours came rushing to the scene. I pleaded with them not to harm me. The teacher and another man lifted me up and brought me to my father’s house. The teacher called my father to open the door but he did not answer.

“We have your son here and he is wounded,” the teacher explained.

“My son is sleeping peacefully in his room,” my father retorted.

My mother, who had been awake all this while and listening to these exchanges, went into our room to verify the truth. My cousins pretended to be fast asleep. When she discovered my absence, she gave a heart-rending cry which at last brought my father out. He took the whole scene in at a glance and stood speechless, gazing at me in shock and disbelief. He thanked the teacher profusely. After my mother had bandaged my arm, my father sat me down and rained abuses on me. I broke down in tears and made a clean confession. This softened him but did not prevent him from giving my cousins the spanking of their lives.

(a) Why did the writer’s father warn the boys against going out at night?

(b) Quote a phrase in the second paragraph that shows that the teacher’s house was not far from the writer’s own.

(c) What enabled the teacher to discover the boys? (d) Describe what led to the writer’s injury. (e) Why did the writer’s father refuse to open the door?

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(f) …an instant alarm… (i) What is the grammatical name given to this expression as it is used in the passage? (ii) What is its function?

(g) …like the wind.. (i) What figure of speech is contained in this expression’? (ii) What does it mean?

(h) For each of the following words, find another word or phrase which means the same and which can replace it as it is used in the passage: (i) recent; (ii) delicious; (iii) stealthily; (iv) approaching; (v) spotted; (vi) verify.

 SS2 Second Term English Language Examination 



Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it.

The announcement in 2011 that the world population had hit the seven billion mark seemed to have taken many people by surprise. Most people wondered how humanity could have grown by a billion within two decades. However, anyone conversant with factors relevant to human growth should understand this phenomenal increase. Let us examine the factors that have prompted the rise in population.

To begin with, think of the health facilities obtainable some centuries earlier compared with now. Man’s knowledge of medical care was appalling some centuries ago. Today, with medical centres within easy reach of most people, and with drugs available to combat virtually all forms of diseases. death rate has been drastically reduced, while life expectancy has risen significantly in most countries. This has caused the great reduction in infant mortality and subsequently increased the number of senior citizens.

Similarly, there is the vital role of education. The spread of education has created a great level of awareness about human welfare and health. Even primary school pupils know the dangers of drinking unwholesome water, living in an unclean environment and ignoring simple rules of hygiene. Besides. education has deflated the various myths and superstitions that pervaded our fathers’ lives.

Nutrition is also a significant contributor. As agricultural practices continue to be aided by serious research efforts, and as tools for farming the land continue to be more available, food supply has been greatly enhanced in an unprecedented way. Today, more food crops can he available on less land area than was the case. Thus, the monster of hunger that used to cause starvation and death is being progressively tamed.

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Finally, think of the relative security humanity has enjoyed in the past few decades. In the past centuries, major wars were a common phenomenon. Wars that ravaged Europe and Africa for many decades have almost been forgotten. Although there are still some skirmishes in some parts of the world, these have not been serious enough to bring about a significant change in population.

What then is the net result? Each factor translates to a healthier, safer and longer life. Consequently, our population multiplies at a consistent rate. So, we need not be surprised that the world population is seven billion. Indeed, in the next quarter of a century, another billion may be added, and by the end of this century we may have double the present number. But in this lies another danger: that of gross over-population. If the present trend continues unabated the planet earth may soon become too small to house mankind. For example, arable land may be grossly inadequate to support food production for the very large population. Also, if the population continues to grow unchecked, there will be too many people who may contribute to polluting the environment. Just imagine the amount of waste that would be generated daily by homes, industries and institutions. These waste and debris, if not collected regularly and disposed of properly. may lead to environmental degradation. We should, therefore, watch it.

(a) In four sentences, one for each, summarize the factors that have prompted the rapid increase in world population.

(‘b) In two sentences. one for each, summarize what is likely to follow the continuing rapid population growth.

 SS2 Second Term English Language Examination 



Answer ONE question only. Your Content should NOT BE LESS THAN 450 words.

  1. You are dissatisfied with some practices in your school. Write a letter to your friend in another school discussing at least three of these practices and the improvement you desire.
  2. Write an article suitable for publication in a national newspaper on the high cost of living, suggesting at least three ways in which the government of your country can tackle the problem.
  3. Write a letter to the Chairman of the Environmental Protection Agency on the effects of illegal felling of trees and suggest ways to remedy the situation.
  4. Write a story to illustrate the saying: Pride goes before a fall.

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