20 Differences between Curriculum Syllabus and Textbook

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20 Differences between Curriculum Syllabus and Textbook


Curriculum: Curriculum is, perhaps, best thought of as that set of planned activities which are designed to implement a particular educational aim – set of such aims – in terms of the content of what is to be taught and the knowledge, skills and attitudes which are to be deliberately fostered together with statements of criteria for selection of content, and choices in methods, materials and evaluation.


The syllabus is defined as the documents that consist of topics or portion covered in a particular subject. It is determined by the examination board and created by the professors. The professors are responsible for the quality of the course. It is made available to the students by the teachers, either in hard copy or electronic form to bring their attention towards the subject and take their study seriously.


The textbook becomes an embodiment of syllabus – all that is in it has to be taught, and that is all that is to be taught. It becomes a methodological guide-has to be read and substantial portions memorized through repeated reading. It also becomes the evaluation system-questions at the end of each chapter have to be answered orally and in writing, reproducing the text from the book itself. Here the textbook is an embodiment of the syllabus and of all aspects of classroom practices.

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Textbook: Text-book, book used by students, from text (noun)+book(noun). It meant ‘book printed with wide spaces between the lines’ for notes or translation (such a book would have been used by students), from the notion of the text of a book being more open than the close notes.

20 Differences between Curriculum Syllabus and Textbook

Curriculum Syllabus Textbook
The Curriculum refers to the overall content, taught in an educational system or a


The syllabus is described as the summary of the topics covered or units to be taught in the

particular subject.

The textbook is an embodiment of the syllabus and of all aspects

of classroom practices.

The curriculum is same for

all teachers.

The     syllabus

teacher to teacher.

varies from The textbook is different

for different subject

The term curriculum is a

Latin origin.

The term syllabus is a Greek


Textbook is a English term from Text (noun)+Book(noun).
The curriculum has a wider

scope than the syllabus.

The syllabus has a narrow scope

than the curriculum.

The textbook has a subject


Normally the curriculum is not made available to the students unless specifically asked for. The syllabus is provided to the students by the teachers so that they can take an interest in the subject. It is provided each student.
The          curriculum

prescriptive in nature.

is Syllabus     is     descriptive     in


Textbook     is      narrative/activity based in nature.
Curriculum        covers        a particular course of study or

a program.

Syllabus is set for a particular subject. Textbook    is    set particular subject. for a
Curriculum is decided by the government /board. The school/ college administration. Syllabus      is      prepared      by teachers. Textbook is prepared by textbook committee.
The curriculum lasts till the completion of the course. The duration of a syllabus is for a year only. The       duration      of      a Textbook is for a year only

20 Differences between Curriculum Syllabus and Textbook

20 Differences between Curriculum Syllabus and Textbook

20 Differences between Curriculum Syllabus and Textbook

20 Differences between Curriculum Syllabus and Textbook

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