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According to Harrison, (2023) political science is a discipline in the field of social science which seeks to diagnose and address the activities of all the branches of government and mans’ activities as a political animal taking into consideration of all the rights and privileges of man as a social being as proscribe in the universal human rights.

The scientific study of politics is known as political science. It is a social science that studies power structures, political ideologies, political conduct, and the laws and constitutions that go along with them. Comparative politics, international relations, and political theory are the three main subdisciplines of contemporary political science.

Comparative politics looks at the political structures and institutions of other nations in an effort to pinpoint the causes of both the political systems’ similarities and differences. Interactions between governments and other international entities, such as non-governmental organizations and international organizations, are the main focus of international relations.

It looks at a wide range of topics, including as commerce and investment, environmental preservation, and war and peace. Political theory is concerned with the core issues in politics, including the nature of authority, the function of the state, and the rights and responsibilities of individuals.

Since political science is aim at solving human problem with regards to governance, Surveys, interviews, focus groups, and case studies are just a few of the techniques political scientists employ to research politics. Additionally, they apply statistical analysis to find trends and connections in political data.


Political science is a crucial area of study since it aids in our understanding of the world. It gives us the information and resources we need to take engage in politics and make wise choices about our government. Following are a few examples of the questions that political scientists look into:

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How do different political systems work?

What factors influence public opinion and voter behavior?

How do governments make decisions?

What are the causes of war and peace?

How can we improve the design and implementation of public policies?

Inconclusive, Political science is a broad and diverse field, and there are many different career paths available to political science graduates. Political scientists can work in government, academia, the media, and the private sector. They can also pursue careers in law, public policy, and international affairs. Equally, political science is also a study that seeks to education the human minds on their rights and privileges as citizens of a state.

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